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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact NBO?

The easiest way to contact us is by clicking on the Contact us in the top navigation pane and send us an e-mail. This new feature will ensure that all questions, queries or comments are addressed in a timely fashion.

If I am unsure which category my inquiry falls under in the contact form, which one should I select?

In this case, select “Other” and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate individual.

How can I contact one of my colleagues from another province?

All contact information can be found in the Contact Information section. Contacts are listed in alphabetical order, and all entries include complete contact information as well the committee(s) each individual belongs too.

How can I find out who the members of a specific committee are?

Click on the Contact Information link on the right hand sidebar. Select the committee you are interested in and automatically the system will generate a list of members.

How can I request changes/updates to the Participants Progress Chart?

The participant progress chart is updated by the NBO through e-mails that you send to support@bizpal.ca advising us to add new jurisdictions or soft launch dates. An updated version is posted bi-monthly and can be downloaded at the Home Page.

How can I submit a document for publishing on the Partner Site?

Click on the contact us page, fill out the form and attach your document. The NBO will post your document and advise you when it has been posted.

What should I do if I can’t attend a conference call or meeting?

If a partner is unavailable to attend a meeting, arrangements should be made for a replacement. This is especially important for Steering Committee meetings because quorum must be reached in order to proceed with the meeting.

What is the quorum for a Steering Committee Meeting?

The quorum, as defined in the Steering Committee Terms of Reference, is 50% of MOU signatories (Provincial/Territorial) and 50% of local government, ensuring fair representation from Federal, Provincial/Territorial and local governments.

A new jurisdiction/municipality is now offering BizPaL.  I want their name listed on the Public Site

The NBO is responsible for both the public and partner site. Click on Contact us and send your request. The NBO will advise you once your request has been actioned.

Were you looking for the public site?

Yes I was.